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Lord Hyslop Earl Of Blackburneshire KG
Lord of Clermont
Banneret to Edward Plantagenet's 1st Division       

1320 - 1382
 "Concordia Parva Crescunt"

Believed to be of Scottish decent Lord Hyslop (sometimes known as The knight Of The White Hart) was born in the year of our Lord 1320 in Blackburnshire.At the tender age of 7 he was sent by his father for squire training to the notable Thomas De Hatfield the then Bishop of Durham here he learnt the arts of war, chivalry, hunting, jousting, dancing  and courtly behaviour.

Whilst in the service of De Hatfield Lord Hyslop gained favour in the Royal Court and befriended the then Edward of Woodstock (The Black prince).They became firm friends and with the influence of the Black Prince gained Royal favour,which at a later date gained Hyslop the honour of becoming Banneret to Edward III's 1st division at Crecy and Poiters.At the age of 21 he returned back to his father's lands but tragedy struck in the same year. His father was killed instantly whilst being thrown from his horse. This happened during a hunting trip where a wild boar startled his horse .

From here Lord Hyslop inherited the lands titles and obligations from his father. These extensive lands in Lancashire included the 6 forests of Clitheroe, Accrington, Pendle, Trawden, Bowland and Rossendale.

During participating in Tournee's in France (1343) he was presented to Lady Colette of Clermont and in the same year they married. This was declared a great union.The marriage provided Lord Hyslop with substantial lands,the castle Cheateau Des Guilhem in Clermont (France) and the title "Lord of Clermont.

Now due to his wealth and influence he was an important ally of the king in England and France.A year after there marriage both were blessed with a son "Godfrey" and later went on to have two more daughters, Lady Abigail (1349) and Lady Christina (1362).

During the 100 years war (1337-1453) Lord Hyslop saw service in the campaigns of Crecy and Poitiers and at these battles served in the first division of the English army. Also in 1349 he was awarded the Order of the Garter a prestigious order of chivalry where only 25 knights can be admitted at any one time.

Now at the age of 36 he continued in military service until the age of 39 and then retired back to his estates in England and France.Still a staunch supporter of the king Lord Hyslop still continued to exert his influence at court and continued his love of participating in the Joust and at tournaments to which a moderate success was achieved. He also held court for law breakers and disputes where his sentences and findings were reportedly  lenient for the time and it was said the accused ate better under his guard than when free!.

In 1382 at an amazing age of 62 Lord Hyslop was mortally injured whilst  jousting and consequently died. His eldest son Sir Godfrey took over his lands and titles to become Lord Godfrey. Lord Hyslops body body now lies in the church of St Mary's Whalley Lancashire.

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